Updated in 2022 - for Moodle 3.11

What others say having taken part in this course...

"...thanks for the introduction in the mobile world of Moodle. Learned a lot of things and the way the content was presented was very nice. Great work!" Bram Lauwers, Belgium.

"Thank you for an engaging and beneficial course." Neil Johnson, USA.

"This is a really great course. A lot more practical than others I have done." Lynn Danzig, UK.

"Thank you all so very much for a great learning experience. Definitely provided much food for thought!" Karyn Housh, Trinidad and Tobago.

"Great content, great experience - loved it." Trish Thorne, New Zealand.

"Thank you for helping me understand the app capabilities, and designing for all users." Kim Salinas, USA.

This course contains:

  • New HD (high-definition) screen capture movie tutorials
  • Automated 'Certification of Completion' at the end from HRDNZ (Moodle Partner)
  • Improved and faster course graphics
  • Streamlined Forums and communication
  • Quizzes and Scenario Lessons
  • All standard Activities, Resource, and functions covered
  • Facilitators are all MCCC qualified (official Moodle Course Creator Certificate)
  • Facilitators are experienced online teachers from schools, universities, and the commercial sector
  • Open Badges awarded

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The MoodleBites Mobile Moodle course is 4 weeks in duration and is delivered in a current Moodle environment. Each week contains approximately 1-3 hours work.  Please note that this course is NOT an introduction to Moodle, it's for people who know Moodle, but want to improve their mobile courses, and understand the Moodle Mobile App.  If you are new to Moodle please take our MoodleBites for Teachers course first.

Designed for 'just in time' training, for busy teachers needing flexibility, and those new to Moodle.

  • Each week is facilitated by Stuart Mealor - Managing Director of HRDNZ (certified Moodle Partner since 2006) and Moodle certification manager and co-facilitated by at least one other MEC and experienced internationally recognised Moodler
Anna Krassa Anna Krassa
Greek / English
Jean-Marc Doucet Jean-Marc Doucet
French / English
Maryel Mendiola Maryel Mendiola
Stuart Mealor Stuart Mealor
New Zealand

The fee for MoodleBites Mobile Moodle is USD $199 per person at this time we are able to offer a discount to a special rate of USD $99! but places are limited - so book early to avoid disappointment! (Euro invoices available by special request). If you wish to translate this value to your local currency please visit: http://www.xe.com/ You can register for this course using the "Register Now" link on the Front Page.


The MoodleBites Mobile Moodle course starts on the following dates;

  • 1st March
  • 1st July
  • 1st November

In covering the content, each course includes:

  • Multimedia movies
  • Forums and chat sessions
  • Practical teaching examples
  • FAQ's and Glossaries
  • Individual practice exercises
  • Tips and tricks
  • "Watch out for..." the things we get wrong
  • Selected relevant links
  • Quizzes
  • Recommended further reading
  • Best-practice mobile friendly course design

MoodleBites courses are unique in a number of respects:

  1. It has a focus on how to use Moodle features in teaching.
  2. The course development team is international and MoodleBites is written to be accessible for speakers of English as a second or other language.
  3. Designed to run well even over slow internet connections and on older computers.
  4. Any audio content is replicated in text for accessibility.

Course content outline

  • Week 1, Communication for mobile
    Here we explore the functions for communication in a Moodle mobile setting, and there are many of these, so understanding what works well, and when, is vital knowledge for teachers.
    • Forums
    • Messaging
    • Chat
    • Blogs
    • Comments
    • Tags
    • Feedback
  • Week 2, Using Resources for mobile
    Here we explore resources in Moodle and how best to use them in a mobile setting. With such a variety of options, an understanding of which work best for mobile, and why, and how you can improve them is essential.
    • Labels
    • Pages
    • Files
    • Folders
    • URL
    • Book
    • Using the Moodle Mobile App 'offline'
  • Week 3, Using Moodle Activities for mobile
    Here we explore the activities in Moodle. Exactly how Moodle activities work when users have a small screen mobile device, or are using the Moodle Mobile App takes some experience to get the best results.
    • Wiki
    • Assignments
    • Glossary and Database
    • Lesson
    • Using SCORM objects
    • Surveys and Choices 
    • The mobile Gradebook
  • Week 4, Using media for mobile
    Providing multimedia content to mobile and smaller devices has a number of challenges This week we cover how to ensure your multimedia content works beautifully when delivered to mobile devices.
    • Customising the Moodle Mobile App
    • Images for mobile
    • Audio for mobile
    • Movies for mobile
    • Moodle mobile availability plugin
    • HTML5 and CSS

*This outline is subject to change as Moodle changes and we update the content.