MoodleBites Theme Design Level 1 is a foundation course for those who wish to adapt and customise Themes for Moodle. It is a technical course (using HTML, CSS, and PHP). For course fees, start dates, and other information please see the full course outline.

This free course introduces Moodle themes and explains how they can be quickly customised to produce an appropriate look and feel with a minimum of fuss. This course is also a prerequisite to our full MoodleBites Theme Design Level 1 course. You can self-enrol in this course using the enrolment key: 4ThemeFree (note the key is case sensitive). You have 4 weeks access from the date you enrol smile

This week includes:

  • Identify the software you will require for the course.
  • Develop an appreciation of HTML and CSS.
  • Be able to create and style a web page.
  • Understand how to 'break apart' a web page using browser development tools.
  • Choosing and setting-up a test server.
  • Introduced to PHP and be confident with changing PHP in a theme.

This week includes:
  • Understand the anatomy of a theme.
  • Use browser development tools to develop the CSS you need to change a theme.
  • Make changes to a theme by adding custom CSS both as a setting and as a file.
  • Knowing where to find the theme and Moodle version details.
  • Identifying the best ways to ask for help on
This week includes:

  • Taking the stepping stones from the basic to the more complex skills.
  • Viewing improvements as a self contained task within an existing set of theme functionalities.
  • Understand what is required to make more complex solutions successful.

This area enables successful MoodleBites Theme Design Level 1 participants to access a Certificate of Completion and Open Badge.