MoodleBites SQL Reporting enables Moodle administrators to understand how the SQL database works in terms of Moodle, and enables participants to confidently query and report on data using SQL commands. For details regarding fees, start date, and other course information please see the full course outline.

MySQLThis course is a basic introduction to Apache, MySQL and PHP in the context of Moodle.

MoodleThis course introduces Terminals and the CLI (command line interface) and explores how the Moodle database is structured.

MySQL cliThis course covers all the basics of creating, deleting, viewing and manipulating MySQL databases and tables.

QueryExploring the power of SELECT queries and clauses to retrieve MySQL data.

Add-insSome more advanced work around SQL queries and reports specifically using a Moodle database.

QueryThis course explores some of the more powerful MySQL reporting and essential Moodle plugins that should be in your toolkit.

MySQL WorkbenchThis course looks at the MySQL Workbench application and how it can be used by Moodle Administrators.

CatchallThis course is a "Catchall" area for essential Moodle and SQL topics that don't get covered in the earlier topics..