MoodleBites course registration process

Please copy the bulleted text below (in bold) into an email, add your details, and send to

Pay careful attention to the instructions to ensure we can process your registration correctly.

This process can be used to register for courses including:

Please do not register for a course until you have read the course overview, and understand the fees and conditions.

  • Given name
  • Family name
  • Male / Female
    • We ask for two email addresses (in case one is rejected when we communicate with you for invoicing and course joining email). One of these must be your work (professional) email address, for example your University, School, Company, Organisation, etc. The second can be a personal email address if you wish. We cannot accept registrations that are supplied with two email addresses such as @gmail and @outlook, or @yahoo and @hotmail - one email address must be a professional/work address please.
  • Email 1
  • Email 2
  • Country
  • Primary language
  • Second language (if any)
  • Course you are registering for (please use the full course name as shown above)
  • Course start date
  • Invoicing details
    • Please add the exact details you wish to have included on the invoice, e.g. Name, Company name, Correct address
  • Purchase Order number (if required)

Course registrations are usually processed within 1-3 working days. An invoice will then be emailed to you.

Please note that all courses must be paid before the course start date. Registrations not paid for by the week before the course start date are automatically cancelled.