MoodleBites for Developers Level 1 a technical course but gentle introduction for those who wish to start developing code for Moodle.  It is a technical course using HTML, PHP, and Javascript. For course fees, start dates, and other information please see the full course outline.

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In which we introduce HRDNZ, the course and set some expectations.  In this first week we install a new block and examine its basic files and the code inside.  We also discuss the way Moodle handles different languages and implement a language file.

In Week 2 of the course we talk about page setup and administration settings and give you some simple tasks to do.  As always the week ends with a scenario lesson.

This week is a busier week with a number of quite important concepts to master.  We briefly introduce Moodle forms and a block instance settings form.  This week also covers Moodle's extensive capabilities, roles and permissions systems.  We prevent unwanted access to our block's pages.

This week we focus on the important topic of Moodle renderers and Mustache templates.  Modern Moodle code uses these extensively in contrast to the older mixed html, css and php approach or the use of special classes such as html_writer which we met briefly in week 3.

This week covers the Data API and how forms are processed in Moodle to read and write data.  We also look at adding a new type of page to our block and discuss the use of local classes and class autoloading.

This week is all about JavaScript in Moodle.  We look at YUI and the Atto editor - creating a toolbar button as a subplugin of Atto and we look at a simple AMD module.  We also find time to briefly discuss Moodle text filters.

This area is for successful MoodleBites for Developers Level 1 participants to access a Certificate of Completion, and download a Badge.