MoodleBites Server Administrator

New for 2017 !

This course is designed for people who are running their own Moodle server (or want to / need to in the future), and would like to understand more about how to successfully setup, manage, maintain, secure, and upgrade the server environment for Moodle.

If you are not a server administrator, but want a course that focusses on how to administer and manage your Moodle site on a day-to-day basis, please view the MoodleBites for Administrators course.

This course includes:

  • New HD (high-definition) screen capture movie tutorials
  • Official Moodle Partner 'Certification of Completion' at the end
  • Fast and efficient graphics (courses run quickly)
  • Downloadable .pdf resources
  • Forums and other collaboration options
  • Case-studies of real-world usage
  • Lots of Quizzes and self-test questions
  • All relevant server features covered
  • Open Badge awarded
Open Badges

MoodleBites Server Administrator is a structured programme of eight Moodle courses (weeks) which you can access for a period of eight weeks. Each course contains approximately 2-4 hours work, although this varies depending on your experience with Moodle, servers in general, and how much extension work you wish to complete smile

Designed for 'just in time' training, for busy administrators needing flexibility, and those new to server administration.

  • The course is facilitated by Nick (Linux and server specialist with HRDNZ Moodle Partner) and co-facilitated by Stuart Mealor (well known international Moodle and e-learning figure, Moodle Certification Manager, PHM, etc.)

MoodleBites Server Administrator fee is US $750 per person. At this time we are able to offer a discount to a special rate of US $599 but places are limited - so book early to avoid disappointment!

International fee includes credit card fees and currency exchange fees - there are no hidden charges.

If you wish to convert this value to your local currency please visit: 

All invoices outside of New Zealand are in US Dollars (Euro invoices available by special request).

You can register for the course using the "Register Now" link on the Front Page.

The MoodleBites Server Administrator course starts on the following dates:

  • 1st April
  • 1st August

In covering the content, each course includes:

  • Printable reference material
  • Multimedia tutorials
  • Forums and chat sessions
  • Practical teaching examples
  • FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Individual practice exercises
  • Extensive Glossaries
  • Optional group activities
  • Tips and tricks
  • Selected relevant links
  • Quizzes
  • Real word case study examples
  • Recommended further reading

MoodleBites Server Administrator is unique in a number of respects:

  1. It has a focus on how to effectively manage a Moodle server - Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  2. The course development team is international and MoodleBites Server Administrator has been written to be accessible for speakers of English as a second or other language.
  3. The course is designed to run well even over very slow or limited internet connections, and on older computers.
  4. All movie tutorials have optional Closed Captions.

Course content outline

  • Week 1, Setting up a basic server
    • Topic
  • Week 2, Configuring a server specifically for Moodle
    • Topic
  • Course 3, Optimising Apache, PHP, and MySQL
    • Topic

  • Week 4, Optimising a server for Moodle
    • Topic
  • Week 5, Server security and updates
    • Topic
  • Week 6, Essential server tools
    There are many tools available for monitoring your Moodle server, and these help you become proactive - seeing potential issues before they ever impact on your production site.
    • Topic
  • Week 7, Moodle security
    • Topic
  • Week 8, Everything else !
    This is a final 'catchall' week - for small items that do not fit neatly into the earlier weeks. This week also allows participants to revisit earlier topics with the benefit of hindsight, to set-up and maintain networking links, to share end-of-course comments and feedback.
    • Content is constantly being revised!

*This outline is subject to change as Moodle changes and we update the content.

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