Big Blue Button - extend Moodle with web conferencing

Do you want extend and enhance your online courses in Moodle, by adding a full professional web conferencing element?

Works on Apple Mac, Windows PC and Linux.

Big Blue Button key features:

  • Integrates with Moodle - simply add a new activity to setup a virtual conference room
  • Scheduled sessions will show in the Moodle Calendar
  • Presenter can upload any PDF or Microsoft office document to present
  • Zoom, pan, and keep students in sync
  • Whiteboard - lets you annotate and call out key parts of your presentation for viewers
  • Parallel chat with group and private messages
  • Participant list with indicators for audio and camera
  • "Hand up" visual indicator for questions
  • Multiple users can share their webcam at the same time - there is no built-in limit on the number of simultaneously active webcams
  • Record your web conference sessions and presentations for later playback by students, complete with full audio, video, and web cams
  • Share your desktop for all students to see
  • No software to download - all your students require are speakers and a microphone to participate
  • High quality WebRTC audio with Flash audio fallback
  • Optional: live translations between different languages in chat
  • Optional: Poll feature for in-session voting

Big Blue Button provides most of the key functionality of high-end systems such as Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx and BlackBoard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate).  But because BBB is Open Source Software we can provide web-conferencing at a fraction of the price of these systems.

We provide full support for BBB  to the same level as we do for Moodle.

Please contact our Helpdesk and we can work out a quote for you smile

Email: helpdesk[AT]

Last modified: Friday, 18 March 2016, 5:31 PM