MoodleBites Effective Facilitation is a single company only closed course - not available for general public registrations. Course outline.

Week 1 gets us started and working together.  We will review some basics about Moodle Forums and Blogs and set some expectations around participation in the course.

In Week 2 of the course we introduce a Moodle wiki which is used for information sharing and is a useful collaborative tool. We will look at a model for online learning which is simple enough to be useful and see how it ties into facilitation.

This is the final week of the MoodleBites for Facilitators short course.  In this unit we will look at Moodle's course reports that could help you identify strugglers on a course.  We also take a brief look at the design and facilitation of group activities online.

This course is used for printing the Certificate of Completion for MoodleBites for Facilitators, and accessing the Open Badge that is awarded.